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カテゴリ: Virtools
今すぐダウンロード!Faceinput Building Block ヒット数 バージョン: 0.6
掲載日:  2009-2-19

[See this video]

Akihiko SHIRAI http://akihiko.shirai.as/

FaceInput testing Building Block for Virtools 3.5.
Main program detect your face and send its position to Virtools via networks.

Ver 0.6 14/Dec/2006 Virtools BB support

[How to use?]

(1) Edit faceinput.ini, if you need to modify network setting.
Default settings are configured as a standalone situation.
HostAddr =
NetMask =
Port =5000

You can also modify these values to change Haar like cascade detection.
Now I had set them as faster condition.
Scale = 2.0f
HaarStep = 1.2
These example gives you another condtion.
Scale = 1.0f
HaarStep = 1.05
Please read OpenCV documents to know what are them.

(2) Boot up faceinput.exe
This program connects to your webcam and detect your face then send the position (x,y,z) and its status (number of detected faces).
It may show a security allert on WinXPSP2 at the first time. Please "deblock" to allow network access to it.

(3) Use "CVRFacedetect" Building Block on Virtools Dev3.5.
Install "AkiBB_D3.5.dll" to your BuildingBlocks folder. It may be...
C:\Program Files\Virtools\Virtools Dev 3.5\BuildingBlocks
This DLL is only for Dev3.5.
"FaceInputTest.cmo" includes a simplest sample.

(4) Report your results
Tell me if you have any problem, success, and/or requests.
Don't hesitate, I need your helps.

You can post message from here:

Good luck,
Akihiko SHIRAI

950 回のダウンロード  950  ファイルサイズ 1.44 MB  利用可能なOS/ソフト等 Virtools Dev3.5  ホームページ http://akihiko.shirai.as/projects/
評価: 10.00 (1 票)
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カテゴリ: Virtools
今すぐダウンロード!Faceinput Building Block (Source) ヒット数 バージョン: 0.6
掲載日:  2009-2-19

This is a source grub of FaceDetectBB.
It includes some OpenCV codes. Please try to rebuild it on your latest Virtools SDK and OpenCV libraries.
Today, Feb 19 2009, I just find this code in my deep hard disk. If I forget to share this code, I also forget everything in the future...

If you have any comments, updates question and good results. Please tell me without hesitate.

Good luck!

Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D

293 回のダウンロード  293  ファイルサイズ 2.94 MB  利用可能なOS/ソフト等 Visual C++ 2003 (V.7.1 solution)  ホームページ http://akihiko.shirai.as/projects/
評価: 10.00 (1 票)
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カテゴリ: Virtools
今すぐダウンロード!Virtools 4.0 Building Blolck for Tokin Motion Sensor MDP-A3U9S ヒット数 バージョン: 0.1
掲載日:  2009-2-19
Today I developed a building block of Virtools4 for Tokin Motion Sensor (MDP-A3U9S). It can capture acceleration, gyro and magnetic field on the earth. In this demo, I can see the North pole through "North" value.

(Download Link repaired at 2009/2/19)

854 回のダウンロード  854  ファイルサイズ 45.22 KB  利用可能なOS/ソフト等 Virtools 4.0 WindowsXP  ホームページ http://youtube.com/watch?v=z4bcx-khBAo
評価: 9.00 (1 票)
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