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Top / CV

curriculum vitae

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D (Dr. Eng)

  • Science Communicator in Miraikan (Japan)
    • Currently working as Science Communicator in National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo Japan.
    • Development of new exhibition to tell the latest emerging science and innovation in Information Science and Technology for Socity area.
    • http://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/en/
  • Computer Engineering Researcher (France)
    • Currently Emeritus Researcher of ENSAM Presence & Innovation laboratory. Working for research and development of virtual reality and computer entertainment systems.
    • http://pi-lab.net/


Here is a latest list of Publications:

Core competencies

  • Development of VR and Computer Entertainment Systems
    • Human Interface Hardware Development and Programing
    • Realtime Computer Graphics (OpenGL, DirectX, Virtools, HLSL and engines)
    • Computer Vision on GPU , Wiimote, SPIDAR (Haptics Device), etc...
  • Scientific Studies in Entertainment Systems
    • Evaluation methods
      • Non verbal evaluation methods
      • Theoretical Definition
      • Evaluation of Human Interface for entertainment
  • Human Relations
    • Executive committee of Student Competition of Virtual Reality (IVRC) http://ivrc.net/
    • Organizing Demonstration Session for open public and scientists
      • Laval Virtual ReVolution? Session Chair (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)
  • Interests
    • Programming for computer science, especially for Interactions.
    • Electronic and mechanic systems
    • Optics and photo engineering
    • Network and system integration
    • Project management
    • Organize student competition
    • International Research Project
    • Children activities
    • Blog

Academic Activities

Scientific Research

  • VR and entertainment system design and development
    • Tangible Playroom series
    • WiiMedia (New utilization of video game interface)
    • RoboGamer (Physically connected game playing robot)
    • SPIDAR (String based haptics interface)
    • Springhead (Physics Engine)
  • Graphics and video processing
    • Augmented Distortion (efficient deformation for low polygon model)
    • GPUVision (Ultra Fast Computer Vision on GPU)
    • LuminaStudio (Realtime Video Composing on GPU)
    • Gowemon (Interactive Video Action)
  • Teaching for multimedia art and technologies

Program committee, reviewer

  • International Competition
  • International Conference
    • ACE, International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACM)
    • VRIC, International Conference of Virtual Reality (IEEE France)
    • ICEC, International Conference on Entertainment Computing
  • Journal / Transaction
    • Society of Art and Science
    • Virtual Reality Society of Japan ...etc...

International Cooperation

  • ENSAM-JAIST Student Exchange Contract (2006-)
  • IVRC-Laval Virtual (2003-)

Technical skill detains

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, PlayStation2 and/or some embedded systems.
  • Languages: C/C++ (DirectX, OpenGL, HLSL), PHP, ASP, HTML/XML/CSS, Javascript, SQL, ActionScript?, etc...
  • Programming: Microsoft Visual Studio series, gcc solutions, MS Office VBA, Macromedia Flash, etc... Especially real time computer graphics.
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/PremierePro?/AfterEffects?/Encore, 3D StudioMax?, Maya, Blender, Macromedia Flash, etc...
  • Database: MySQL, MSDE, MSJet(Access), etc... Actual development experiences in factory.
  • Networking: LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) solution developments, MS server solutions (IIS/Apache+ASP/PHP+MSDE/MySQL) development, HTTP, SMTP, SSH, POP/IMAP, CMS/SNS/xoops, router, WIFI, security knowledge.
  • Others: Professional Office users skill (trainer+); Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint?, FrontPage, Visio, etc...

Work experience

Invited Researcher, ENSAM Presence & Innovation Lab. (Educational Institution)

  • December 2004 – Present (1 year)
  • Invited Researcher Research and development for entertainment virtual reality applications. Teaching for master courses.

Post doctoral researcher, NHK Engineering Services (Government Agency; 51-200 employees)

  • October 2003 – December 2004 (1 year 3 months)
  • Research Industry
  • Post doctoral researcher in NHK Engineering. NHK is national broadcasting company. I had worked for NiCT (National Institute of Information and Communication) project with NHK STRL (Science and Technology Research Institute) to realize ultra photo realistic real-time computer graphics environment for next generation TV platform. I had developed image based rendering, modeling systems, global illumination rendering system on Maya platform, applications of Axi-Vision, a new depth camera system that was developed by NHK STRL, wire-based motion control camera system, etc in very short term. I had also learned project management and submission style for Japanese governmental research projects. Part of research results are archived below; http://adv3d.jp/ http://www.nict.go.jp/ http://www2.nict.go.jp/ns/s802/seika/h15/seika/74/74_nhk-es.pdf (see also Publication)

Game development consultant, Criterion, Inc. (Canon family, U.K.) (Public Company; 201-500 employees)

  • January 2000 – March 2001 (1 year 3 months)
  • Computer Software Industry
  • Lead engineer and support ace engineer.

Criterion is a spinout of canon research institute, RenderWare?, an official rendering engine on PlayStation2 platform, my task was launching Tokyo office to evaluate the next generational development style using RenderWare?, optimized multi platform environment, to traditional Japanese game developers. I had learned Japanese game developer tradition and techniques. Fortunately, RenderWare? had been accepted a lot of game titles. The office has grown well then I could decide to back to academia. I also learned management of small company here.

System Engineer, Canon, Inc. (Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; )

  • April 1998 – December 1999 (1 year 9 months)
  • Computer Hardware Industry
  • System Engineer in printer factory, Unfortunately, the posting by Canon human resource division had mismatched at my first selection, I had to work in BJ printer factory in north Japan. Then I had learned Japanese practical electronic manufacture, especially manufacturing management with information technologies like production control procedure, production management accounting, knockdown export, stocktaking, mainframe, database, end user computing, web interface, etc... Fortunately, I had assigned as a project management of development an inventory management system using wireless barcode reader. These experiments are very important in my engineering method. And countryside life in Fukushima Japan was impressive for me.
  • Experience is listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.


Tokyo Institute of Technologies

  • Ph.D (Doctor of Engineering), Department of Intelligent System Science, April 2001 – February 2003 Ph.D

Activities and societies: see http://akihiko.shirai.as/projects/

Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics

  • Master of Engineering, Division of Image Processing, April 1996 – March 1998

Accepted SIGGRAPH'98, "Foot interface, Fantastic Phantom Slipper". Accepted 2 domestic short papers.

Activities and societies: Studied with assistant professor Yuichiro KUME in photo information processing laboratory. Especially, real time computer graphics on PC and SGI platform. Phantom Sensation, special human cognition effect using vibrators. Tutored for informatics courses in university. Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics Edit / remove Bachelor, Department of Photo Engineering, March 1992 – April 1996

Studied synthesis technologies of photograph, camera and printing papers. Chemistry, optics, electro mechanics, development images, simulation and evaluation of human vision. I had study lay trace computer graphics in 3rd degree, got my diploma by "R&D of real time optical human interface devices".

Activities and societies: Joined to artistic photo club, then I had learned practical techniques in darkroom, camera shooting and studios. I also have developed consumers' cooperative society with colleagues. I had leaded the team, catch other students opinions by drawing mangas.

Personal Characteristics

  • Innovative, active, communicative and open mind.
  • Spoken languages: Japanese (native), English (fluent for business, technical and scientific), French (discussion technicale), Chinese (reading)


  • Married at 1998, two sons (2003, 2007).

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